Reseller hosting provides smaller companies and even individual website owners the capability to offer affordable Web hosting to their own customers. Essentially, a company who owns a hosting account can divide up the band width and storage provided to them to their own customers who are after a minimal, basic hosting plan.

Hosting resellers usually partner with a larger, more established service provider that already has the infrastructure and support systems in place. The hosting reseller provides tech support and billing for the clients that they take on, while the larger provider will manage the other aspects of hosting. Based on the business’s resale contract, member can choose to advertise hosting plans using their own business information, and they can determine how much to charge as well.

Small companies or individuals who set up websites usually do not require a lot of bandwidth and storage space. So, the plans provided by a reseller host can give them their necessary hosting features at a fraction of the price they would have to pay with a full-service website hosting company.

Offering an extra value service to their customers, Internet pros and web designers alike are able to utilize such packages to help them. Usually, people choose to do business with hosting suppliers whom they’ve worked with before. Developers can offer Web hosting as an add-on service, which can take the burden of finding a separate web hosting provider away from their clients’ shoulders. IT support companies that serve small businesses can also leverage reseller programs to offer a more comprehensive set of services such as email and online application support.

Most Web host service providers have options that allow account holders to customize their reseller hosting package, such as additional storage space, bandwidth, and even a choose between a Linux or Windows Server platform.Please research your webhosting company before signing up. You will avoid many problems in the future if you do your homework ahead of time.

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