A ‘reseller host’ is a phrase which refers to multiple types of hosting on the internet. This is not a strict definition of the type of web hosting being offered, but actually describes how the provider is offering it to you.

A ‘Hosting Reseller’ will buy a sizable account from a particular web hosting business, and in turn, this reseller will sell parts of this account to customers of their own. They are more or less mimicking the services that are usually offered from web hosting companies but they are eliminating some of the expensive overhead that usually comes with running one of these large companies. This is a business model that is common with a couple of different types of companies, most usually web design companies that want to offer hosting as a bundle to their clients, start up web hosts, and also companies that are building a very large portfolio.

A Reseller Host may offer deals on Shared, Dedicated or VPS space (this is further discussed in part 2.) For the most part, customers of resellers will be able to procure cheaper hosting services because the reseller will purchase the space in bulk at a discount. The primary downfall of purchasing hosting from a reseller is the fact that your hosting company is beholden to the company which actually provides the hosting space. While the more advanced resellers will offer advanced support services to go with their product, this still means that if you have a problem that the reseller cannot solve by themselves they will have to get in touch with the larger company and this will greatly slow down the whole support process for you.

Dave will only find reseller hosting to be useful if he makes the determination that he wants to sell hosting to others or if hew wants to expand the portfolio of sites he has. If this was not the case, it seems likely that he would be better served to remain with the shared hosting model- a very common form of hosting that is popular with many people and has lots to offer.

At this point though, Dave seems to be happy with his one site, and it appears that he simply wants to have more control over the performance elements of his site and is looking to undertake some redesign projects as well.

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