Reseller hosting is a commonly used generic term that can in fact be used with several different types of web hosting. It’s more about the type of people who are offering the hosting, more than the actual features of the web hosting itself.

A hosting reseller is someone that purchases large accounts from web hosting companies and then will try and turn around the web space and sell it to their own customers. Basically, they offer the services offered by a Web Hosting business, but they are not required to develop and pay for the costly hardware, and they do not have to take care of it either. This is a very popular brand of web hosting and can be found most commonly associated with start up web hosting businesses, companies with large sets of sites, and web designers that want to offer hosting as an add on for their clients.

A Hosting Reseller may be offering Shared, VPS or Dedicated solutions (see part two). Clients are usually able to take advantage of more inexpensive Web Hosting, since Resellers usually get their Web Hosting at a cheaper cost. The primary downfall of purchasing hosting from a reseller is the fact that your hosting company is beholden to the company which actually provides the hosting space. The amount of support the Reseller can provide you with depends on the service they’re buying from, but oftentimes if you contact your Reseller Host about a problem all they’ll do is turn around and get support from the main web host.

Dave will only find reseller hosting to be useful if he makes the determination that he wants to sell hosting to others or if hew wants to expand the portfolio of sites he has. If these two activities aren’t something you plan on pursuing, shared hosting is the best option for you, since it provides more options and versatility, as well as a relatively inexpensive cost.

At the present, though, it is a good alternative if they have only a single site but are interested in having more control over the performance of the site since it is getting too busy, or if there are some elaborate redesigns forthcoming.

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