Reseller hosting is a commonly used generic term that can in fact be used with several different types of web hosting. It’s more about the type of people who are offering the hosting, more than the actual features of the web hosting itself.

A hosting reseller operates by procuring large blocks of web space from large web hosting companies and then sells off chunks of this accumulated space to their own customers. They are more or less mimicking the services that are usually offered from web hosting companies but they are eliminating some of the expensive overhead that usually comes with running one of these large companies. Reseller Hosting is growing in popularity among website design firms that want to offer hosting to their clients, new web hosting businesses that are trying to get one foot in the door, or companies with a number of websites.

Most hosting resellers offer VPS, shared, or dedicated solutions to customers (See part two). Clients are usually able to take advantage of more inexpensive Web Hosting, since Resellers usually get their Web Hosting at a cheaper cost. The only issue that can sometimes arise when using reseller hosting is that the reseller is actually also a customer, in this case of the large company that they have bought the initial hosting space from. While the more advanced resellers will offer advanced support services to go with their product, this still means that if you have a problem that the reseller cannot solve by themselves they will have to get in touch with the larger company and this will greatly slow down the whole support process for you.

Dave will only find reseller hosting to be useful if he makes the determination that he wants to sell hosting to others or if hew wants to expand the portfolio of sites he has. If Dave does not intend to do one or the other of these tasks, he should most likely stay with Shared Hosting. This is the most popular kind of Hosting and one that will provide him with the benefits he needs.

But as of right now, Dave believes he is content with just one site, as he wants to maintain control of his website. His site is receiving a lot of visitors and he wants to change the site up a bit.

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