Choosing a good, reliable seedbox provider

That cannot be so hard, right ?

YES, it can be. Seedbox market is totally full of flybys, swindles and frauds. There are a few tell-tale characteristics to find a trusty, good provider.

To complicate matters, sometimes even the unreliable provider does not realize itself it’s promising something they can’t deliver, or they just do not realize the overheads managing a company. There is also the providers who are totally comfortable lying, and they will run with your cash. Consider yourself fortunate if an upstream provider does bail them out and save the users day.

You have to be in a position to distinguish each type of failure so you can be guaranteed that your torrents are up and seeding even tomorrow!

Is the guarantee too good to be true? It regularly is, but there is a huge pressure to deliver more for less especially in seedbox market, because customers themselves have outrageously watered down expectations, partially due to over promising hosts and partly because of a reality distortion field. Usually the seedbox supplier is paying precisely the same for servers as you would get as an average joe – yes, as incredible as that is, it’s correct. There aren’t any magical bullets, or crazily minimal cost servers suppliers can link into.

It simply isn’t possible to provide a true, dedicated, top of the range 1Gbps connection for 10 including a SLA. Even massive firms regularly pay thousands of euros a month for such a connection.

So simply to be able to supply a seedbox service for you, stars got to align ideal for so many factors.

Torrents are not lightweight . Most users believe torrents are very light, this could not be farther from the honest truth. Seedboxes are basically utilised by power users, and there is a lot of users per node, that’s when even the quickest HDDs begin to crumble.

So what does all that mean? When you see a 1Gbps unmetered, 500Gb Drive space, unlimited torrents seedbox offer for 2, it isn’t what you’d be expecting.

RAID10 yet same amount of storage for money as the average provider? That is very likely not true, tho exceptions do exist like the Pulsed Media 1Gbps running RAID10 on some nodes.

Don’t go with a supplier full of typos, or if you can spot, technically factual blunders. If suspicious, ask your mates, if that is practicable.

What support do they supply? Do they tell you upfront? If they are not upfront about support services and actively market their support, in all likelihood it will suck – at the very best. At worst, there is not any support services in place at all, which is correct for wretchedly many long standing seedbox providers.

Are they a real registered company? Did you ask them, and they said yes? Well, did they back that up with Business ID, and/or Bricks And Mortar address + phone number? The latter isn’t necessary, but former is. If they’re not content to discuss those details, particularly if it’s an European company, they probably aren’t a registered, lawful firm. Often they are even though they don’t tell you their Business ID or VAT ID, but that is the exception not the rule.

Is there “buzz” about them? If not, chances are they are they are either a little provider or just new. Both entail a huge risk. Most of the cases you’ll find some reviews with simple “company name review” google search. Take the reviews with a grain of salt though, as the competition is fierce and regularly the competition might try and smear campaign their competitors, or at times a bad review is done without even attempting to reach support to fix it. If you see negative review, check up on the following commentary about the review.

Do they provide guarantees? Check up on them, upfront. Look into the footer of their website or ask their presales for those guarantees. Those can be money back guarantee, service level agreement or other. Service Level Agreement (SLA) is awfully rare on seedboxes, there is however providers who give this as well. It suggests you will be compensated shall there be fatal issues with your service and they can certify the issue.

Do not buy into the hype, right away at least. Many up & coming providers are being hyped, more hyped it is, the likelier it is a trick or sham. Longstanding, stable companies do not produce this type of hype, but a powerful stream of buzz and activity around them. There really is no exception to this rule.

Expect lies. Most Seedbox providers lie, and they lie enormous. Many will claim to be the best, but those that claim to be the best, sometimes are on the worse scale of things. There are some suppliers who say this, and their marketing is totally full of lies. They sell metered, capped service as unmetered, do not even give all of the basic services (ie. SSH. Or SFTP access, or web file manager), and on occasions security is less than the minimum. Those who really are The Best, do not need to advertise the fact.

Least expensive, is not the best choice. Best value is is the best choice. Given high enough value, the offer might also appear madly inexpensive, maybe even below cost but in such case there possibly is a good, healthy profit markup concerned – which is needed to provide high value. Every cent on the price, every single cent more per server earned, is explicitly to profit for the company. Sometimes, a high enough value offer might seem too good to be true, but if you ask the company or look at the details you might notice how that’s possible – and the company offering this earns each single cent of the additional margin.

When unsure, ask your friends or see whether the company offers a 14-day money back guarantee. If there’s a money back guarantee you can quite safely try them out. Occasionally the guarantee is not sold, and not in so obvious places so as to reserve that right to people who really need it and not the flock of abusers waiting in line to take advantage. Ask the company about it.

I am hoping this guide helps you to select the right supplier for your needs, and make the right choice.

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