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13 Tips For Security Of Your Online-Store

Various inherent security measures provided by Magento. With the help of these measures you can secure your online-store. Security Measures are very important in e-commerce, because the seller as well as buyer are unknown to each other.

Dealing parties provide information regarding the deal and then same transaction will take place. All these things are done on trust basis, because no one know each other. Transaction takes place always from off screen. Risk is a part of e-commerce business. Hence, security measures are necessary elements in online-business.

Issue of Security is an important question, people were searching for safety tips,so they can built a secure and safe online-store. 13 tips to secure your online-store based on Magento.

* Always select a secure and unique Password, like, use long password, use upper case or lower case, use phone numbers as password etc.

* Never use Password of Magento for anywhere else or for any other website.

* If you forgot the password, Magento, new password will be given to you on your email address. And new password details will be available on your email account, so you have to close that details for security of your online-store.

* HTTP/SSL are required for every page with log-ins or checkout. If SSL not there then details are sent unencrypted across networks and again hacker having control on any of the in between servers can get hold of that confidential data.

* Use secured FTP. File Transfer Protocols are not always secured, hence, use FTP that are secured.

* Access of unsecured FTP must be limited.

* Never save on your PC, your Magento Password, because, it may be cracked by someone else.

* Always use recent and new Anti-Virus Software for your data-security.

* The access of admin should be restricted to IP addresses which are approved.

* Always use Custom Admin Path, so that, In case, if you use secret code for your admin path then you will be able to prevent other user from guessing your password.

* Never store all log-in credentials in one file.

* Make sure that file permission are as per security standards.

* Confirm it that .htaccess files are not deleted.

These are some tips, which can help you to improve your site security.

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Web Hosting Options: Get Informed

Getting your website hosted should be as easy as finding a service that has the facilities available to take care of your site. Once your site is in a server, you can move on to other things like marketing your site. But operating high-end servers cost a lot of money so hosting providers need to charge accordingly depending on how much power and how many features are needed to run the site. You have generally have 5 hosting options to choose from and one of them should perfectly fit your needs.

Free Web Hosting

Free web hosting doesn’t cost a thing and that can save you several hundreds of dollars if you manage to have a successful website hosted for more than a couple of years. But the server specs are simply not good enough to be hosted on serious business websites or interactive communities or services. To make things worse, the resources of the server are shared with other free web hosting users, opening up possibilities for one site to consume more resources due to more traffic, resulting to other websites suffering in performance.

Shared Web Hosting

Shared web hosting is powered up version of free web hosting where the resources are still shared but the server specs are much better. These servers often offer more features ranging from 1-click script installations to free email accounts and FTP access. These types of servers are more reliable overall and are pretty cheap when it comes to hosting fees. This is the safest option for launching a blog that you hope to profit from in the future.

Virtual Web Hosting

Shared web hosting plans are not very controllable since all websites within the server have access to the same operating system and same resources. Virtual web hosting uses the same configuration as shared web hosting but adds an additional virtualization layer where every hosting account gets its own virtualized environment.

This basically puts you in a dedicated hosting environment which is good if you want to know what it is like to manage your own server but cannot afford the $100+ price tag. Performance benefits compared to ordinary shared web hosting are not that noticeable since the resources are still shared but the overall stability is much better since the resources are divided more evenly. Expect to pay less than half the price of a typical dedicated hosting package.

Semi-Dedicated Hosting

Semi-dedicated hosting is a more fully developed upgrade of shared web hosting because you get both the stability and performance enhancements without paying the premium monthly cost. The servers that are used are far more powerful and they are shared evenly amongst a small number of users. Companies and small businesses that are on a tight budget but need a lot of operating power can benefit from this type of hosting package. The savings compared to dedicated hosting can really add up every month.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting gives you full access to a server and you pretty much have full management rights to configure the server to your liking. Your site will take full advantage of the server’s abilities and it will likely give you more than you need so hosting multiple websites on that one server shouldn’t hurt.

It is important that you do some research and comparisons of the different dedicated hosting providers so you can get the best deal without overspending.

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Overview Of VPS Web Hosting

Shared web hosting and dedicated web hosting are two of the most common web hosting plans that you will see in a hosting provider website. While each package has its fair share of benefits, dedicated servers are definitely the way to go if you want more customization. Some customers want to have more control with their operating system and server resources.

The only problem is that dedicated servers are too costly and the gap between shared web hosting and dedicated web hosting is very vast. VPS web hosting properly bridges this gap by fusing shared and dedicated features together.

About VPS Web Hosting

VPS stands for virtual private servers so these servers basically offer the environment of a dedicated server within a shared server. So the price is significantly cut down compared to dedicated hosting due it its shared nature but you won’t get the speed benefits. The key feature here is stability where the shared server utilizes a special virtualization software that effectively allocates a certain amount of shared server resources to a particular account.

Think of it as a less powerful dedicated hosting solution and you won’t get those collisions that you would get from shared web hosting because virtualization makes sure that the site in the server is isolated. You also won’t get those instances where another website is draining too many resources to the point that other sites within the shared host suffer. With a VPS package, you get a clear idea on your specifications so you can figure out how to properly utilize them.

Common Characteristics amongst VPS Web Hosting Plans

Good VPS hosting plans come with both unlimited bandwidth and disk space which is nice for hosting large sites that target a certain audience. Bigger sites that target a large general audience are not very ideal as the site performance can slow down if there is too much traffic.

Unlike shared hosting, a VPS plan provides a remote access to your virtual environment so you can better fine-tune the different options so it works better with your site. This offers more flexibility than a standard web hosting control panel. You can do advanced administrator options such as server rebooting or modifying code if you have experience.

Specific Features to Look For

Like any type of web hosting plan, support options should take the first priority because your entire experience can be ruined if your site runs into a downtime. Tinkering with the various options in a VPS can make or break a system so it always helps to have some quick access to some phone support or live chat. All web hosting companies will promise good support so your key reference here is other customers because only they can share their true experiences.

VPS hosting options can vary so basically all you need to do is properly address your site’s needs. Figure out what software you plan on using and make sure it is compatible with the specifications laid out on the VPS hosting package. You should also analyze the hardware that you are getting and see if it stacks well with the price.

Looking at multiple hosting companies that offer VPS can help you decide better. Also, be on the lookout for possible fees when setting up your site for the first time.

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Hostgator- Dedicated Hosting Forum

Hostgator has become one of the few quickest maturing privately owned service providers in the USA. Their very own progression is undoubtedly an proof of their perseverance in acquiring, most importantly, holding onto clients, getting them to superior assistance to low prices to some very helpful personnel.

Along with expanding as well they’ve been focusing on keeping their clientele funds because of the fall and rise of the economical marketplaces. They actually do evaluation and additionally produce resources for substances that may lead to good ways in undertaking important things. Just by moving these types of price savings information to clients they’re managing to make a marvelous expansion.

Hostgator really is a enterprise which identifies regarding the online world and describes the way it operates. They’ve got a organization weblog web host services (compiled by people) that’s effectively read by those who work in the net internet hosting market. The weblog can help to place another layer over the human sides within the business, a little bit which will go a long distance to describe the actual achievement they’re going through for being a internet hosting firm.

Brent Oxley began by using 3 server colocation and matured each day running a business which takes care of over 5,000 servers those helps running around 1,000,000 web sites. This is really a good number of web servers and a quite a great volume involving domain names managed and till now Hostgator is actually even now expanding. The Hostgator coupon codes of net web hosting are practically heading over the top, however still Hostgator is certainly attempting to keep their expansion. These people are usually giving deals in selling price to acquire website visitors to sign-up and check out all of them. They’re positive that the moment consumers encounter their own web hosting service in the Hostgator technique they’ll be the clientele permanently.

Hostgator is providing money saving coupon codes. Conserving money is an integral part of performing business. Hostgator knows it extremely well. Conserving just a little funds occasionally upon web hosting service probably won’t look huge, however virtually every little element begins to always add up and also results in being large eventually. Any time you begin hosting your internet-site with hostgator you’ll receive completely new machines or services along with them as you may advance. Hostgator specializes in cash conserving and even likes to transfer financial savings throw deals with regard to web hosting service.

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Shared Web Hosting Overview

If you are to ask how to set up your very own website, you will get a lot of answers. Some may ask you to set up a free web hosting account while others may give you a link to a particular service that lets you build a website through an online wizard. Some people might even recommend a good shared web hosting package to start with. Of these choices here, shared web hosting costs money and it serves as an inexpensive way for setting up a reliable personal site or blog.

About Shared Web Hosting

Shared web hosting is one of the web hosting packages that frequently appear in web hosting providers. Web hosting providers only need a single server to accommodate multiple customers since they will all share the server’s resources. Multiple websites can be hosted in that one server. The more popular web hosting providers may have dozens of servers for shared web hosting purposes.

Common Characteristics amongst Shared Web Hosting Plans

The most common characteristic of a shared web hosting plan is the low price. Most shared web hosting plans should fall under $10 a month for a year or two. Costs per month should even be lower if longer term plans are chosen.

Server features should be more than enough for personal websites and blogs to handle a substantial amount of traffic. The overall performance of the site should be greater than any free web hosting provider but much lower than a dedicated web hosting plan if many visitors are active on the site on a daily basis. This is not the recommended choice for hosting downloadable or streaming content like music and video. There might not be any bandwidth limitations present but downloaders won’t be utilizing the full resources of the server since the server might have other active websites.

Many web hosting plans may also offer support for PHP and databases like MySQL. This allows various scripts to be installed ranging from forums to e-commerce pages. Since shared web hosting plans are inexpensive in general, these plans serve as a great starting point for emerging communities and the overall reliability is much better than free web hosting plans that may offer this kind of support.

Specific Features to Look For

The fact that shared web hosting plans are so cheap and utilize few resources makes this kind of web hosting highly competitive. Just about every web hosting provider offers an attractive shared hosting package to encourage people to try things out and hopefully upgrade in the future.

This is why it is very important to find a web hosting company that has a lot of positive feedback from customers. Checking out web hosting review sites that anybody can contribute to can give you a better idea on the hosting provider’s reputation. It is normal for shared web hosting plans to be unstable at times but the most important thing is how the customer support team handles the situation. Good support overall will always mean a good company to trust.

If you hope to build a thriving forum community or plan on getting thousands of visitors to see your page, it is also a good idea to see the upgrade options for a shared web hosting plan so you can have a smooth transition without changing web hosting companies.

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About Dedicated Web Hosting

Many web hosting providers put shared web hosting as the front liner because these plans are affordable and often come with fantastic add-ons and bonuses. But if you check out the other web hosting plans, you might notice a few more expensive web hosting plans available. If you see “dedicated server” as the description, you have the option to choose a more reliable and faster web hosting package.

About Dedicated Web Hosting

Dedicated web hosting in an option where the hosting provider offers the whole server as hosting space to the customer. Customers have greater control over the server and may utilize the full specifications of the server since this kind of web hosting does not involve sharing with other customers.

This should lead to better site stability and higher performance even under high loads. This explains the higher costs per month to pay although the exact amount depends on the specifications of the server and other features. Prices usually start at around $100 and can exponentially go up for server-grade specs.

Common Characteristics amongst Dedicated Web Hosting Plans

Customers that have a dedicated server can come up with a website that can utilize multiple cores of the CPU resulting to much better performance when hosting web applications. Web hosting providers are also a bit more open about the available disk space so you can properly manage your resources and downloadable content. Although hard disk space is limited, any hosted data should be safe as these servers have backup units in case things go wrong.

One of the biggest benefits of having a dedicated web hosting is the unmetered bandwidth. Shared web hosting packages may offer unlimited bandwidth as well but you may get a hidden charge if you pass a certain threshold. Therefore, if you are hoping to offer lots of multimedia content to a large amount of web users, it is much safer to go with a dedicated web hosting package. You know how much you will be paying for every month and you do not lose on performance if hundreds of people try to check out your site’s content.

Specific Features to Look For

Since you are paying a lot for your site to be hosted on a dedicated server, you should check the company’s reputation as a whole. A good reputation counts as one of the most important features because that is where you can get a better idea on the server’s uptime, customer support, and server performance. While web hosting companies are open with these specifications, remember that these web hosting companies are competing with others and want to make their offerings as attractive as possible.

Regarding other features, free setup is a huge plus as some providers may have a rather pricey setup fee. Always check for any fine prints before clicking that payment button. You should also see the upgrading options if you find out that your site needs more RAM or disk space. If you are planning to install a certain web application or site interface, you should also check the operating system and other features of the server.

A good dedicated hosting provider should provide you with customization options along with their descriptions so you can figure out what features you really need for your dedicated host.

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Website Development Coverage and Price Estimate

In an ever-advancing world, there is nothing growing nearly as quickly as the world of technology. With web applications, laptops and other portable devices, technology has never had a greater impact than it does now. As print sales decline and large book retailers are shutting their doors there is no question that it may have something to do with the fact that daily internet use becoming a way of life. It’s clear that to be as effective as possible you must have a good web presence.

To be successful in today’s world, website development is key. Whether you’re a long-time business owner, risk-taker or a start-up with big plans, you will never live up to your potential if you don’t make your business known. In order to get effectively market yourself, you have to be where the people are and today majorities of the people are all online.

You could set up billboards and displays anywhere, but I guarantee, you won’t be half as effective with a great campaign on a billboard as you could be with a proper website to match. Website development that is done well, is worth more than 100 billboards along the highway. The keys to excellent website development are simple, but often overlooked.

You must first decide if you’re ready to have a website and if you are, you must decide how vast of a website you seek. Small and simple does not necessarily mean the same thing as insignificant. Whether your business has just started or been around for decades, you should never have a website that is further ahead than the business has grown.

If you are a neighborhood bakery that has just started out, you’re probably not going to be ready to have much more than information available online. However, if you’ve had that business for a while and are ready to sell and ship baked goods across the country, then perhaps you would want a greater website that could handle orders and invoices effectively.

On the other hand, if you are a web-based business being run out of your home office, your website should be vast and effective. Bare in mind that just because a site is large, it should never be complicated. It should have great features but it should also serve it’s purpose. A sign of good website development is not to have the flashiest site on the web but to have the most effective one that meets the needs of your customers and your business.

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Increasing Conversions With the Help of Intelligent Testing and Tracking

The best way to improve conversions is to implement testing because there truly is no other optimization method. If you want higher performing websites and copy of any sort, then this is what you should do. Testing is useful because of the range of applicability to be found with utilizing it. There are a lot of places where testing can be valuable such as your homepage, primary article pages, sales letter copy, squeeze pages and a lot more. You will observe that most people begin with the title because it is crucial. The principle is very easy to get since many people will only be performing A/B split testing. Keep reading because we will talk about a few useful information about testing and tracking.

Naturally it’s wise to do some research. If you realize where to check it is possible to grab yourself a free business website. There are a few vital things to consider before you get going with testing your copy. More seasoned internet marketers are going to automatically think of tracking when somebody mentions testing. You have to know any time a site visitor clicks through one of your links on the page you are testing. However, the squeeze page is different because you can tell how many optins you get compared to the number of people who visit your website. Very many internet marketers love using Google Analytics for their tracking since it is robust and free.

Here is a truth pertaining to writing copy – no one gets the very best it can ever be right out of the gate. The same with creating websites, or design, siince they can have mistakes in them that can cause troubles. The highest paid copywriters on earth never create the greatest copy they can the first time. Evidently, there is just a single path to improvement which is testing and tracking. While we do not truly know, but we think that very many internet marketers simply do not wish to be bothered.

The least complicated approach to testing a squeeze page, for example, is to use a simple URL rotator script. This is usually a PHP based script that requires appending the dot php file extension at the end of the page URL being evaluated. After you have made another page with the modification to be tested, then you upload it to your web host and are ready to begin testing. Given that each person is going to see a different version of that page, you should make one change to it. Testing only one item is essential because you need to determine what caused any conversion rate variations. Taguchi multivariate testing is an effective method to evaluate as many as two dozen variables at a time, but that is another story.

I wanted to improve my results with a sales letter that I was driving website traffic to from PPC ads. The conversion was less than 1% when I put it out to cold visitors. I manage to take the conversion rate to approximately 7% with PPC traffic which is very tough to accomplish. Have no question that testing and tracking your internet sites is the surest and quickest way to realize better results.

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How to Test and Track Your Websites For Increased Performance

Testing for performance improvement is a practice that not a lot of Internet marketers do. If you desire higher performing websites and copy of any type, then this is what you need to do. You can utilize testing to boost any sort of conversion from a sale to an optin. People who utilize testing use it chiefly on sales pages and squeeze pages, but it could be utilized on any page on a site. You will notice that most people begin with the headline because it is so important. The principle is so easy to comprehend since majority of people will only be executing A/B split testing. This article will discuss several useful information relating to testing and getting your tracking all set up.

Certainly it is advisable to check around. If you know where to take a look you possibly can have yourself a free business website. Testing exclusively will not do anything that is useful for you. The other element of testing is tracking the surfers who go to your website or anything else you are testing. You should have a good tracking script in place so you can register when a visitor clicks on a link. Still, the squeeze page is different because you will know how many optins you receive compared to the number of site visitors. Many internet marketers love using Google Analytics for their tracking because it is robust and free.

Testing is crucial due to the fact that no person on the face of the planet writes the highest converting copy with their first final draft. The same with creating websites, or design, siince they can have errors in them that might cause issues. The pro copywriters on the planet never write the most effective copy they can the first time. What that means is the only way to make something the best it can be is by testing and optimizing. We feel a lot of individuals fail to do this because they simply do not know, or they are simply too lazy to do it.

The simplest approach to testing a squeeze page, for instance, is to use a simple URL rotator script. This is commonly a PHP based script that entails adding the dot php file extension at the end of the page URL undergoing testing. After you have made a duplicate page with the change to be tested, then you upload it to your hosting and are all ready to test. Be sure you only change one thing such as the heading, for instance. Testing just one item is crucial because you should determine what created any conversion rate variations. Taguchi multivariate testing is an effective method to evaluate up to several dozen variables at a time, but that is another story.

To illustrate, I had a product and campaigned for it using Adwords PPC, and then I set out to do tests on it with the goal to enhance conversions. That letter did badly in the beginning, and the conversion rate for it was less than one per 100 views. After more or less several weeks of evaluating, I managed to maintain a conversion rate of about 7% with cold traffic which is the most difficult website traffic to convert. Hopefully you clearly see that testing and optimizing your websites will pay off for you.

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