Do you own a personal or business website that runs under a shared hosting plan? Are you bothered by the limitations of shared web hosting, like having a small disk space and bandwidth limit? If so, take a look into the newest online hosting solution, in the technology market, which is called VPS hosting.

For any type of website, VPS or Virtual Private Server can be used. It is a web hosting service that combines the features of the 2 most common web hosting solutions – dedicated and shared hosting. If you are interested to know more about VPS, it is essential that you understand and identify the features being offered by dedicated hosting and a shared hosting web solution.

Shared hosting is commonly used by business websites or a personal website. Many customers are hosted on one physical server and this is what makes it cheaper, because the resources are being shared by multiple users. The problem with shared hosting is that each site hosted on it will have restrictions, in disk space, bandwidth or cpu use. A server may not be able to handle the large amounts of data received as well as all of the website traffic.

The other common web hosting solution used mainly by large companies, is dedicated hosting or dedicated server and it doesn’t share any resources with any other customers. A website generating good traffic is ideally hosted on a dedicated server because the performance is far better.

Now to understand VPS, it can simply be defined as the combination of shared and dedicated hosting. Multiple individual VPS servers are hosted on one physical server. They have their own CPU, Ram and disk space allocated and are not affected by other VPS guests as they are all totally independent. VPS is a great option because it can handle large amounts of traffic and store thousands of Mbs of data.

Another feature of VPS is that it allows root level customization (the same as dedicated hosting). The server software can be customized by the customer and therefore gives greater flexibility over shared hosting. The price of VPS is more than shared hosting but much cheaper than dedicated and it bridges the gap nicely.

In the field of modern technology, VPS hosting is indeed one great and useful innovation. Clients do not need to spend more in using its services and will not have to suffer the limited features being offered by shared hosting. To get the VPS Hosting solution that best serves your needs, one should look for online service providers.

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