A lot of webmasters seems confused in choosing a web host. Web hosting plays an crucial role in your online dominance. Web Host can ruin your company by providing you down time or boost it by making it available all the time risk free.

What are some major point to consider before selecting a web host ? Server speed: mainly shared hosting hugely overload their servers forwarding the sites super slow. Another major reason for slow websites could be poor hardware devices of servers. Always check specification of shared server , this can be found usually in FAQ section , or better ask them directly. A good web host never overloads shared server.

Support: Check the response time of support and emails. also support must be intelligent enough to track down technical problems giving you quick fixes.

So what support staff needs to be is:

- Fast – Good Knowledge – Friendly Don’t miss friendly attitude, if support is not friendly then there is no use of knowledge and speed.

Cost: This is the most affective and important factor which needs to be managed. Hosts ,that are popular with best services are very expensive, while many hosts take price to dirt cheap reducing the quality of services. try to look cost against basic features.Go for affordable web host with c-panel.

Thing’s to Avoid:

Don’t go for “unlimited” ,it is a sales trick, there is no such thing called unlimited. if it was true than yahoo should being hosting with such host in few of bucks. they have restrictions at back end hidden in their terms and


Don’t buy domain or get free domain from your host, this can be trouble when you will be leaving from that web host, means your domain can be snatched. And remember! always have backups and backup of backups, this is a majormillion dollar advice for you! Good luck For hosting.

Author Is an website hosting Expert.He has Worked for Many companies Including some of the Giant companies. And has a vast experience about website hosting.So BeWare and Join an Good Web Host.

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