Several internet professionals will tell you that cPanel hosting is currently one of the top web hosting solutions that is available on the market today. Whether you are brand new to this or very advanced, it will be easy for you to use, as it presents itself in a simple point-and-click platform. This is your opportunity to find out why cPanel has been so successful!

The simplicity and easy to use operating of cPanel is why it is so highly praised. cPanel is chosen as a control panel for many web hosting resellers for many reasons. cPanel is intuitive and simple to operate, however much knowledge of web hosting you already have. You can begin right away with the video tutorials that are there to assist you in your web hosting efforts. You can learn by watching then performing yourself with this platform.

cPanel comes with an extensive number of features, so you are able to manage FTP accounts, manage your domain names, MySQL databases, and even upload your various files by using the file manager, and more. cPanel will leave you nothing to envy with any of the other control panels out there. Actually, it has a lot more features than most of the other solutions. However, if you’re shopping for a cPanel-based reseller be sure to check that they can give you a complete, (or close to complete) version of cPanel. You’ll find some of the companies out there who offer free hosting accounts are giving just a limited version of cPanel when they’re dealing with members.

cPanel also has a major advantage over rival control panels due to its ability to integrate a fairly wide range of modules which include Fantastico De Luxe, the script auto-installer, as well as site builders such SiteReptile and RV Sitebuilder. These ares just a couple of examples, but they’re perfect for both beginners and medium users who want to take full advantage of their own hosting account.

This product is not successful by some kind of accident, it is superior to other control panels in many ways. Help is available for total beginners, because the interface is fairly full-on and could seem too difficult to navigate for firs timers. Audio/video tutorials, as well as online guides and other forms of support are readily available to help you.

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