In order to become an extremely wealthy affiliate marketer working from home, there are behaviors you’ll need to incorporate.  If you focus on the following habits and integrate each one into your daily life, you’ll be stunned at how quickly you achieve extreme wealth as an affiliate marketer.

#1.  Business Plan
Very few stumble into wealth and even fewer are subsequently able to maintain it.  Without a business plan, your company will sink before it really gets launched.  Your business plan must be written on paper and have quarterly goals that you plan to achieve with your business, along with annual goals.  Some put it in a Blackberry, others use a paper planner.  

Regardless, you need to print the high level business plan off and post it somewhere in your home office in a prominent place.  You need to be reminded and encouraged that these will be your accomplishments.

#2.  Gratitude
In order to appreciate where you are going in your business, you need to have an attitude of gratitude.  Start each day off and end each night with a quiet moment of thanks.  It will help you over the hump when you get in a slump, or help you work out resolves when things aren’t going quite the way you want them to.

#3.  Give Back
In all your getting, don’t forget that you can’t get there without the help of others.  Return the favor, and in your business, create some avenue to give back.  Either create a free series on your site for others to walk through, or send it out in a daily or weekly e-mail.

#4.  Work Hours
Set specific hours for your work day and stick to it every day.  Start and end at the same times every day.  Discipline yourself for consistency in your schedule, and you’ll also reap more consistent success in your business revenue.

#5.  Blogging
Blogging is critical to becoming an extremely wealthy affiliate marketer.  Blog about subjects that relate to your business.  Share late-breaking news.  Be the first to share updates about the industry.

#6.  Exercise
Keep your body in top shape, and you’ll have a tendency to keep your business in top shape.  Set a schedule to exercise, at least, three times a week.  Exercise releases feel-good endorphins that you need to have for a good attitude and a clear head going into your work day.

#7.  Network
You can’t be an island and expect to gain great success.  Networking with other affiliate marketers is a great way to share ideas and successes, and to collaborate, socialize and gain support.  You all have something in common with one another.  In sharing, you may even be able to avoid pitfalls experienced by other extremely wealthy affiliate marketers.

#8.  Clear the Desk
Before you dive into your business, take care of some ancillary items.  Start with your e-mail.  Clean it up on a daily basis.  Respond to e-mails as applicable, make folders to save the ones you need as a later reference, sort out the e-mails in your in-box and delete the ones you don’t need.  If you don’t take care of it daily, eventually you will feel overwhelmed.  

Before you quit at the end of your day, clean off your desk to get it ready for the next workday.

#9.  Timely Communication
Critical to the success of your affiliate marketing business is quick and timely communication.  Always respond to every communication within 24 hours.  It’s advantageous to have an auto-response to e-mails you receive letting people know that you will respond within 24 hours.  Non-communication or untimely communication can quickly kill a business.

#10.  Affiliate Marketing
Keep in mind, affiliate marketers do affiliate marketing.  It’s what makes them successful.  You can sell someone else’s products on your site and allow them to sell yours on theirs.  There is a multiplication that occurs when you have several people selling your items on their website, instead of the sale of your products residing only on your site.

Assimilate all these habits into your everyday work life, let them become                                                                                                                                                                           

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