Heartbeat Ear Do you own an unexplained noise in the ear? It is not an uncommon order and you are not alone. Help is available. The condition is called tinnitus and it has many causes. The hint at can be as easy as too that much ear wax or a portion impact of medication you are currently taking. Often tinnitus is comes through some decrease of hearing. The tinnitus can sometimes be treated providing a hearing aid if the hearing expense is in the low frequencies. Other times the low frequency sound can be the trigger of tinnitus as with an air conditioner running. Loud noise can sometimes damage hearing so too a constant ringing is heard in the ears. There are times tinnitus occurs without hearing loss. The heartbeat like digital pulse oximeter some people hear is a result of blood flowing through arteries near the inner ear. This is called pulsatite tinnitus. What often is happening is the circulation in the head area is poor. In this case certain herbs like Ginkgo biloba can be taking to improve circulation in the head. The poor circulation can be a result of clouts or hardening of the arteries which will require treatment by your physician Heartbeat Ear Often there is no apparent cause of tinnitus. Stress has been linked with the onset of tinnitus. So life style changes that reduce stress can quiet the tinnitus. There is also physical stress that suppresses the immune system and the resulting general poor health can be a cause. Factors like adequate sleep, a balanced diet and proper exercise can lessen tinnitus grip. Regardless of its cause there is help for the tinnitus suffer, there are excellent forums and a national organization “The American Tinnitus Association” geared to research and as a meeting place for patients and doctors. Suffering from Tinnitus and Ringing in Ear? Get your life back forever by checking out Heartbeat Ear now.

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