Well this an exciting time isn’t it? You have chosen your hot niche, you have done your research and you’re sure you’re onto a winner. So what’s the next step? The next step is deciding on how to promote your hot niche product to the world.

Your choice comes down to 2 highly profitable ways to market your product, Pay-Per-Click or article marketing. What’s the difference between the 2 you ask? Let me explain.

Writing articles to market your product is the easiest option to take AND it’s a lot more personal than PPC. When you write an article it’s all yours. You are now an author with a published article, and soon you will have many articles published and they’ll all be being read by people all over the world. Sounds cool hey? I love it! I was never a writer growing up and when I submitted essays they would come back with so much red pen on them you could hardly read what I had handed in.

The other very cool thing about writing articles to promote your niche is that its 100% FREE! So that means you can start a small business make money and it won’t cost you a cent! This world just doesn’t exist for many people. They just aren’t aware of online marketing, think about your parents and grandparents. In simple words you can start a business and make money without putting any cash down what so ever!!

Next. Even if you are brand new to internet marketing you would have heard of PPC or Pay-Per-Click. PPC are ads ran by Google that can be extremely profitable to a niche campaign. PPC are the ads in green font on the right hand side of Google after you have done a search. So you will have Google’s top 10 sites and on the right you will see green ads advertising something in the same market. Ok?

Now as the name says you pay for per click so every time someone clicks on your ad you pay a fee. The fee depends on your keyword and how much Google charges for you to use it. This is a great option and many people make amazing money by promoting their niche products through PPC. BUT and it’s a big one, you need to put money down first. If people click and buy your product that’s great news, but if they click and don’t buy that’s not great news.

I learnt the hard way and got burnt.

My recommendation for all people beginning their internet marketing campaign is get on to writing them articles. Use some spare time to understand PPC and when you are ready gently edge your way in and plaster up some green ads.

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