Many people consider our homes as our most costly and important possessions in one’s life. Therefore, you can imagine the frustration when termites are found. In fact, most will agree that termites are more than unwelcome intruders they are awful insects that damage our property and peace of mind as well. In fact, most termite damage can be serious and irreversible. If you suspect termites, you definitely need to engage in a termite inspection. Not only will this provide you with the knowledge that they exist but also some tools to find and get rid of them. In this article, we’ll teach you how. Let’s begin.

Know the facts. Although termites can be present in different seasons, depending on your locality, owners often find them in the springtime and should be especially careful during this time frame. Most researchers believe that April and May are prime seasons as this is a time when termites crawl out of their nests and build new colonies. Termites typically enter from the outer perimeter of the property.

Check these areas. Always make a thorough inspection on furniture, stairs, window reveals, door jambs, cupboard, and wood flooring. This should be done on an annual basis. If you had any recent infection then you must conduct termite inspections every 3-4 months. Termites commonly live below the grown and they love to go deep into your house and chomp on wood. Therefore, you should always be on the lookout for mounds of mud tunnels on your home as these indicate that termites are nearby. Another telltale sign are wings. You see, when termites are in abundance, they often fly around and ultimately shed their wings. Therefore, after such flying, you often see a plethora of shredded wings. Another sign of termites is powder like saw dust around the home. In addition, if you see bubbles on the wood’s surface (even painted surfaces), this often means that they have been eating from beneath. You can even tap the wood with a blunt object and if there is a hollow sound then there are termites present. When you poke the wood with a pen knife it must resist the trust, but a termite infested wood will come apart instead.

Consider hiring a professional. Regular inspections from a licensed termite professional is another way to are the only way to ensure that home is free from termites. Qualified pest professionals have the training in termite biology and behavior and they will make a inspection to determine, where and how termites get in. The cost of calling in the professionals may vary anywhere between $100 to $300 depending on locality. Some companies give out the termite bond by which they will get rid of all termites if they find or even perform repairs in some cases. Anytime whenever you carry construction work call upon a termite expert to inspect the building. You have to consult with the professional before attaching any wooden materials in the soil.

Prevention tips. Do not keep mulch, wood debris, sawdust or scrap lumber, near your home. If ever you keep firewood for the winter keep it raised from the ground. Try to trim all sort of green shrubs, and bushes from the foundations of your home. Remove any infected trees away. Remove infested stumps. Don’t allow leaves to cluster near your homes. Fix up any leaky roof or gutters.

In conclusion, whether you use a professional or do it yourself, it is extremely important to check for termites. Simply follow the above tips and you’ll be fine.

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