Frequently a cherished piece of art or an heirloom collection of artwork may hold special meaning for your family, and as such it also holds a lot of value. Frequently because of their connections to history, these artworks or collections are of more value to your family than they would be on the open market. Because of the intrinsic value of this type of collection frequently the perfect gallery for it is in the master bedroom where it can be appreciated and enjoyed on a daily basis.

Framing, Hanging and Lighting
If you are lucky enough to have your antique art in original frames, do not restore them past the point of usability. You may wish to reinforce corners or rewire hangers, but try not to disturb the patina that age has so graciously given them. Hang your treasures at eye level, and if you have to re-frame your collection, antique gilded frames work best.

Frequently any artwork looks best when it is properly illuminated. There are many different types of spotlights from which to choose, and you may even use track lighting to light up your collection. The type of lighting that you choose depends more on the style of your bedroom decor than anything else.

Furniture and Art
Mixing the old with the new can have a singular “wow” effect, or it can create an eclectic style. For example, if you have a minimal, contemporary style room and you are displaying a single, large antique piece, by displaying it front and center on a focal wall the artwork actually has a huge impact on the style of the room.

As soon as you add additional pieces of antique furniture to the room, you are softening the punch of a singular antique artwork in the room and making the overall look of the room more eclectic. You can finish off this look by incorporating antique miniature dollhouse accessories into the room as well.

If, instead of the juxtaposition of new and old, you are looking for a more blended composition, then an overall Victorian or Old World style will suit your design style.

A Hint of Victorian Style
Family portraits were as popular for Victorian households as photographs are for modern households. Victorian furniture is typically dark intricately carved wood with graceful, flowing lines. Lush fabrics like satin, velvet and brocades were used for the upholstery. Floral designs and country landscapes were also popular decorator themes of the period.

The Victorian style loved chachkis sprinkled liberally throughout the room including collections of perfume bottles, crystal and porcelain.

A Nod to Old World Decorating Style
If you can picture the mishmash of trinkets collected by the old time world traveler, you have the general aesthetic of the Old World decorating style. Tapestries, globes, old books and framed antique maps give a sense of time gone by. Similar to Victorian furniture Old World furniture should have intricate carving on dark wood trim. Upholstery fabrics are usually not only lush, but they are deep jewel tone colors as well.

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