Although higher education is important, there are often a number of obstacles that can hinder potential students from enrolling in college. Family obligations and financial concerns are often at the top of this list, especially when it relates to single mothers. In an attempt to alleviate concerns associated with going to college, Obama single moms government grants are intended to encourage mothers to return to College to earn a degree. The purpose of federal single moms government grants can be seen in many cases to help disadvantaged groups to attend college. A commonly given endowment for low-income students is the federal Pell grant. The benefits of Pell single moms government grants have been improved in order to be a greater help to potential students, since the Obama administration has stated that it places a high priority on education. Working moms are especially encouraged to apply for the Scholarships for Moms program, which is just a title given to a portion of the standard Pell grant program. Equipping low-income mothers to earn a degree will provide a stimulus to the lagging economy, the administration believes, and also be a great benefit to the families of those mothers, as a result of which will be an increase in their earning power in the work force. $5,000 from a Pell grant may not seem like a lot of money, when you look at the high cost of education these days, but it could help defray the other expenses associated with going to college. A student has to pay for books and supplies, housing and travel expenses as well. For single moms, these miscellaneous expenses may also include childcare. A great characteristic of the Pell grant award is that the money awarded does not necessarily have to be applied to College tuition. Providing the expense is vital to obtaining an education, it can be covered by the grant money. In conclusion, this program doesnÃ?t cater specifically to traditional students. It provides opportunity for traditional and non-traditional students alike. If a mother wants to return to College to earn a degree, she will be just as welcome as a student who is fresh out of high school. Consideration is given equally to mothers who would like to stay home and take care of their children while doing online courses, to potential students who would prefer to go to a small community college. The most important thing is that all willing students are able to earn a degree that will provide them with significant opportunity in the job market. An effort by the current administration to show that education truly is the key to a bright future are Obama single moms government grants. Everyone from young adults to working mothers has a chance to go to college, with the allocation of a significant amount of money to pay for education.

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