E-commerce is becoming prominent because of its features – allowing buying and selling online from the comfort of homes or offices. It is then necessary for organizations to extend their businesses and services online, but two vital issues exists between the online buyers and the online sellers:

  • The Buyers are apprehensive about their personal information attached to their credit or debit cards which can be stolen by criminals whilst making online card payment.
  • The Sellers are apprehensive that the person on the other side of the internet making card payment might not be the legitimate cardholder, and in the event of a fraudulent transaction, the seller/merchant will have to refund the full amount and most times with additional charges.


Paymenex  and E-Commerce card payment

Paymenex operates the membership based financial network which its members use to deliver Paymenex range of cards and D-Voucher to their customers. This network platform know as Paymenex TransNET is an all-in-one payment and financial transaction platform with a sophisticated 3 tie card security that provides a secure and reliable global network for processing financial transactions powered by the 3WSentry Card security technology built after an academic research at 2 top UK Universities.

Payment TransNET network allows the issuing, processing, and transactions with Paymenex range of  branded credit and debit cards, disposable vouchers, money service business card, debt collection account card, store value and Gift Card, Points, Reward and Incentives.

Paymenex Benefits

  • The Buyers: Cardholders DO NOT need to provide names of their ancestors to pay online with Paymenex. The cardholder’s personal information is concealed  and exchanged with a 3W Sentry Card Security range of dynamic time-factored codes during payment so that only the security features of the card is used to make payment.
    Paymenex™ TransNET also offers cardholders the options of presetting when and where to use their cards on the internet powered by the 3WSentry real-time authentication.
  • The Sellers: The worry of authorizing a stolen card payment is eliminated as Paymenex™ cards cannot be used without something the cardholder will know in real-time during every payment, every card payment transaction is unique and protected by a time-lock session ID.
    Paymenex™ does not use static username and password or passkey as its competitors which renders cardholders vulnerable on the internet, it is dynamic, with an option to alert cardholders when card information is in use.


Paymenex is commited to securing the integrity of transactions by providing security solutions and always being watchful. Their main mission is to provide a secure payment network to protect cardholders  and merchants during transactions especially on the internet. 

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