For all we know, scholarship programs are given to those students who show an excellent academic performance but unable to go on schooling due to financial shortage. According to some news, the percentages of out of school youth are lesser compared with the past few years due to this scholarship programs given by various organization. In fact, scholarship programs nowadays even include students with disabilities, particularly epilepsy. We all know that Pfizer is one of the most famous pharmaceutical companies across the world. Moreover, Pfizer created a scholarship programs for students who have epilepsy.

Pfizer epilepsy scholarship programs gave chance to those students who wants to pursue their studies but suffering from this disability. The good thing with this scholarship program is that, they are able to attain and continue their high school or College degree even they have epilepsy. Selected students are awarded with a minimum amount of $3,000 worth of scholarship program. They select students according to their standards. Applicants must be under their physicians care and undergoing treatments for epilepsy. Moreover, the applicant must be taking anti-epileptic medication. Application process can be found on the Internet.

Preparing all the documents you will need for application especially medical records and files could increase your chance on gaining the said program. Student must also exceed in their academic performance despite of their disability and must give two recommendation letters. At least one of your recommendation letters will come from your physician or doctor. You can check their website in order have more information and details regarding the application process and deadlines. Make your application clean and true as possible in order to have a bigger chance for the scholarship program.

Indeed, Pfizer Epilepsy scholarship program had helped many students for the past ten years. They recognized students who keep on reaching their goals in life despite of their illness. Pfizer made a way to pay those students effort by giving out scholarship programs in order for them to study. Moreover, Pfizer’s scholarship program gave new hope to that student who wants to reach their dreams someday. With the help of the scholarship program, even students with epilepsy are given the chance to pursue their dreams of finishing their College education.

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